Embracing Flares (and the New Year!)

Behold, I am making all things new. —- Revelation 21:5 

Challenge of 2019. This. Writing a blog. 

Also, drink more water. Seriously. Most days, I’m on the verge of dehydration. I’m not doing myself any favors in neglecting to take in H2O. As my Mama says, I need to cleanse my liver and help keep my skin hydrated. 

My last challenge to myself is to put down the devices. I am giving myself a reasonable time of 9:30pm to stop checking social media and rest my eyes and mind. A little over a week into January, and I have not done too well with this one. I will label myself a work in progress. 

Getting back to the main challenge of writing a blog. I call this more of a how to entry today. 

How to put an outfit together with corduroy flare pants: 

You can embrace flares! I think they are very figure flattering by holding in the tummy and lengthening the legs. 

It’s January so pair your corduroy flares with a cable knit sweater. Another option is a mock neck or turtle neck with a moto jacket or scarf. I am a fan of a collared shirt so wear a button down and tuck in the front. You’ve got this! 

XO - Erin


Maroon Flares