Here's to the New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeking some calm in the middle of the chaos. I’ve found myself purposefully avoiding social media and enjoying what’s going on around me. Setting my phone down feels so good. 


Most of us, set goals at the turn of the year. We may not write them down, or say them out-loud to anyone, but in our minds, we have goals. 


Here are some of my goals and aspirations for 2021:  


1.  Go to bed earlier. 


I am by nature a night owl, or perhaps, I’m a modified night owl. I don’t like to see the early am hours before I turn off the lights, but I am never in bed before 10:00pm. I’ll be even more truthful, I’m rarely in bed before 11:00pm. Mostly, I’m up until at least 11:30pm. 


Then, I barely roll out of bed in time to get myself dressed and out the door, typically running about fifteen minutes late for wherever I’m going. Well, I want to do better about going to bed earlier, so that I can wake up earlier. Ideally, I’d like to give myself time to pray, read my Bible, and enjoy a second cup of coffee before rushing out the door. 


2.   Put down the devices. 


I hope in this new year to not be on my phone all of the time.  I do find it hard to find a time when I’m not on a computer or phone responding to emails, placing orders, enter financials, updating social media, browsing social media, texting, or calling. You all know what I mean! I want to make a conscious effort to put down my phone, and be present. I think I miss so much with my face in a screen. 


Next time you are sitting in a waiting room or at the airport, look around. Every person will be looking at a screen. We miss out on meeting new people and connecting with others. Let’s put those phones down! 


3.  Don’t stretch myself too thin. 


I tend to over fill my schedule, something many of us do. I don’t like to tell people no when I’m asked to do something. Ultimately though, I can put so much on my plate, that I neglect the most valuable people and things. I want to spend quality time in my relationship with Jesus. I want to spend quality time with my family. Then, I want to take time to exercise, write letters to people I have lost touch with, and be available for ministry opportunities. 


So, that is my list of goals. I’d love to hear what your goals and aspirations might be for 2021. Email me those or send a message on my Facebook or Instagram. I’ll share those here if you don’t mind. It’s always good to encourage one another! 


Happy New Year! 


The Grand Tetons, WyomingYellowstone LakeJackson Hole, WyomingMy birthday party! My traditional "decorating the tree" picture :)Christmas Eve fireworks in the freezing cold.