My Little Corner of the World - Part 1

One of my customers, now a dear friend, called Erin & Co., “my little corner of the world.” I want to tell the story of how Erin & Co. came to be. If you’ll follow along with me, I am going to write a series of blogs to tell our story. 

I worked for a metal manufacturing company in Brookhaven, Mississippi. This job began while I studied in college, and then evolved into a full-time job upon graduation. I truly liked my job. We, as a team, worked to grow the company into a very competitive player in the metal industry. I learned valuable skills and gained knowledge working for the owner of the company. 

Like any business or job, things change. I found myself discontent with the shifting landscape. During the annual, "End of the Year" Christmas party, frustrations came to a head, and I decided that I would tender my resignation at the first of the year. 

I gave a long resignation. My last day would be May 1, 2015, which gave my boss four months to find a replacement. I think he found a replacement my last week on the job. 

I remember walking to my car that day, leaving behind the security of my comfortable paying job without another job lined up. I knew that God led me to this point. I felt in my heart that God had confirmed His will to me when I read about Abraham in Genesis 12. 

Now the Lord had said to Abram: 

“Get out of your country, 
From your family
And from your father’s house, 
To a land that I will show you.”

So Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him, and Lot went with him.


God did not give Abram all the details or even the next step. God said, "Go Abram. Leave behind your comfort zone. I will be with you, but I need you to trust Me." Low, and behold, Abram went in faith. 

I knew God had spoken to my heart for me to surrender my job and my plans to Him, but He was also wanting to see if I would be obedient and take that first step. 

At some point that Summer, I began working to open my own boutique. I renovated the back offices of the building where my brothers’ owned and operated a fence company and feed store. Not the most obvious choice for a boutique, but I loved that space. 

I spent my days painting, helping trim out doors and windows, cutting a door into the side of the building for an entrance, watching as my brother and our friend poured a concrete sidewalk, ordering signage, and all the other details that go into opening a storefront. 

I put a lot of love into “my little corner of the world.” I prayed as I worked. I prayed for the people who would shop with me. Admittedly, I remained nervous. Would people come to shop my merchandise? Was my location too far off the beaten path?

I will pick up with Part 2, next week. 

My brother and Ferrel framing and pouring concrete for my entrance.

My brother, Lande, and our friend, Ferral, framing and pouring concrete for an entrance into my little shop.

Getting the rooms fixed up for opening day.

Our back room, as I call it. We were hanging new inventory and decorating to get the store ready for opening.