Sweater Weather

We are no longer living in the Dog Days of Summer. My favorite month of October passed with splendor and loveliness. The calendar flipped the page to November. Welcome to sweater weather. Lightweight sweaters and chunky sweaters ranging from chenille to popcorn, itchy wool to cashmere just make you feel good! 

While we are on the topic, sweaters are not just for people. They are also a fashion item for our furry friends. My sister bought a new pink sweater for her Chihuahua dog, Cricket. Anyone who comes to Erin & Co. knows Cricket. She is sweet, a bit nosy, and graying as she ages gracefully. Little Cricket has also put on a few pounds. So, Sarah needed to buy Cricket a new, roomier sweater for this Fall and Winter season. She doesn’t exactly love the idea of wearing a sweater, but she is also not a fan of the cold weather. She views her sweater as more of a necessity rather than fashion flare. 

I recently brought home a Red Healer puppy named Bindi. She is about 4 months old. Her pastimes include chasing the cat, eating lots of dog food, and aggravating my two older dogs. We recently had the artic air push deep into South Mississippi, so at my mother’s suggestion, I put one of Cricket’s old sweaters on her. She looked so cute! The sweater was a hand-me-down from my grandmother’s puppy, and I loved it on her. Bindi, however, did not. She bit at the collar and basically lost her mind trying to free herself from the straight jacket she imagined might choke the life out of her. You might gather that Bindi did not wear the sweater to bed that night. I simply moved her bed into the garage where she slept sweater-less. 

Now, I have a good ole dog named Sport. I picked him up literally from the middle of the road when he was a puppy. He had the red mange, worms of every variety, and really looked like a lost cause. Since his early onset trauma, Sport has swallowed and passed a rock, gotten sticks stuck in his mouth, while also getting skunked many times. Sport has lived through his own version of Homeward Bound too. 

He’s been to see his veterinarian many times for stitches. She affectionately called him Rocky Balboa on our last visit. Sport has seen some good years, but as I like to sing my version of Toby Keith’s song to him, “He’s not as good as he once was, but he was good once as he ever was.”

As I mentioned earlier, the artic air hit Mississippi with gumption. I knew temperatures were dropping into the 20’s with “feels like” temperatures in the teens.  Sport sleeps on the front porch in his dog igloo house with orthopedic mat and a red heat lamp; however, his hair is short, and he is an older boy. So, my sister purchased him his very own, you guessed it, sweater. This dashing sweater is manly, very Ralph Lauren(ish), and reminds me of a blanket for fancy racing horses. Let me tell you, Sport loves his sweater! I found him last night in his bed, snug as a bug in a rug. 

Enjoy this sweater weather season! Strut your stuff as you wear your gorgeous sweaters with skinny jeans and riding boots. Wear your cropped sweaters with flare jeans and a wedge while remembering to dress your pooch in a sweater of his or her own. Your puppy will either love his as Sport does, or will dislike a sweater as much as Bindi did, and trust me, they will let you know! Dogs are honest like that.